Topline Distributing offers the industry leading Polar Furnaces. Outdoor Furnace and heating component suppliers.

Topline Distributing offers Polar outdoor furnaces and heating components
Topline Distributing Inc.
Topline Distributing Inc. has focused on the outdoor furnace industry since 1997. We have researched and chosen to represent the Polar Furnace Mfg. Ltd. line of products. 
This Canadian company has set new benchmarks for performance in efficiency's and reduced emissions of their indoor and outdoor furnaces. They have also been manufacturing the, hot water wood gasification outdoor style of furnaces longer than any other North American manufacturer.

Topline Distributing Inc. also operates an online store (Topline Green Store) for your hot water heating furnace repair parts and hook up components. As well, we represent companies with unique items for the back yard, hands on, do it your self type of person.

If your company is looking to get exposure of your special product(s), please contact us to discuss.   

Polar Furnace Updraft
Polar Furnace Downdraft

EPA Qualified Phase 2
Polar Furnace
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Updraft log burning models made of 1/4" thick boiler plate steel where ever the water or fire is in contact.
RG5,MD9, LG15 and Com 32 not shown
Downdraft EPA Phase 2   G Class models
have been designed and CSA approved for, indoor and outdoor installations.
G2, G2Plus and G3